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Written by Mohammad on Google

Hi this is Mohammad I was hireing Denisse my immigration lawyer.she is very helpful person. When I needed an any immigration issue She always helped me. Today I got my permanent resident card because of her .thank you Denisse I really appreciate . I highly recommend her .

Written by Aramis on Google

Excelente profesional , esta pendiente de todos los detalles nada saldrá mal con Denisse mientras sigan sus instrucciones , mi familia , mis compañeros y yo damos Gracias por su gran Apoyo Incondicional.
De 50 abogados que visitamos nos quedamos con la más acertada Denisse Ilabaca.
Ella te explicará todo preciso , en la parte humana no es como los demás abogados ella
es muy dulce y tierna tiene un gran corazón !

Excellent professional, pending all the details nothing will go wrong with Denisse as long as they follow his instructions, my family, my colleagues and I give thanks for your great unconditional support.
Of 50 lawyers we visited, we stayed with the most successful Denisse Ilabaca.
She will explain everything precise, in the human part it is not like the other lawyers she
She is very sweet and tender she has a big heart!

Written by Zayra on Google 

I have no words how wonderful of a lawyer Mrs. Ilabaca is. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and compassionate among a thousand other excellent qualities. One thing I admire from her is that if she feels she won't get you the best results she will let you know right upfront.

On May 1st of last year my husband was detained by ICE. A family member gave me the phone number of the office where Denisse was working at the time and thank God she was the one that took the case. Our case from the beginning wasn't an easy one but with patience and knowledge it was doable. Our previous immigration lawyer gave up on us and made us believe for years there was no way my husband could get his green card. I'm glad and grateful Mrs. Ilabaca proved them wrong. A few months back my husband had his embassy interview in Honduras and was approved for his green card. It was a difficult journey that if it weren't for her, it would have had a different ending than a happy one.

I would forever recommend Mrs. Ilabaca to any individual that needs a good, compassionate immigration lawyer.

A good lawyer makes all the difference in the world and Mrs. Ilabaca is an excellent one!

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